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Let's Sign - Old MacDonald eBook

Let's Sign - Old MacDonald eBook

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Another interactive pdf ebook from DEAFSIGN, this well-known children's favourite

'Old Macdonald Had a Farm'

accompanied with BSL signs. This traditional and well-loved format for children to learn and share-in gives access and inclusion for all to enjoy together whilst learning sign vocabulary.

53 pages - 3.27 MB

Opens in FULL SCREEN mode with transitional openings to each page to add to visual impact.

Ideal for home, nursery or school - a great activity for children to play with independently or for small group work on SCREEN and WHITEBOARD - or to PRINT.

Fully INTERACTIVE - click on the signs to get to the 'dictionary' pages, flashcards of all the animals, quiz (click on the answers and see the response) and back again.

PRINT off the A4 pages of rhyme (complete with all the verses) NUMBERS chart, FLASHCARDS of keyword signs including the animals with pictures and QUIZ, plus dictionary section of all the signs with description of movements.

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