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Under5s Around the Seasons

Under5s Around the Seasons

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The Around the Seasons Game is based on the 4 seasons and includes the following 12 games, 3 for each season :-

Spring – Hoppity Holes, Flower Pot Pairs, Garden Grows

Summer – Caterpillar Count, Sandcastle Flags, Heads and Tails Zoo

Autumn - Rainy Day, Pumpkin Pete, Shape Fruit

Winter - Hats & Scarves, Snowman Juggler, Feed the Penguin

The games are designed to enhance and support the EYFS. And in particular the Under5s EYFS planning.

They have been designed with very young children in mind and introduce simple concepts such as counting and sorting and basic ICT skills such as pointing and clicking.

The instructions are spoken and success is positively rewarded with lots of clapping.



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